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On February 14th, 2020, Kaseleno’s 14-year-old cat Rico had passed away.

The sky that evening was a vibrant blue and yellow, just like his eyes. Kaseleno knew then that she needed something unique to him to remember him by. Her local vet offered a memento of clay-pressed paw prints, and although appreciated, it wasn’t enough. His character and personality were unmatched. 

Diving into the world of woodworking, she applied her fine art skills of painting and drawing to create personalized 3D wooden pet portraits. Later that year, Right Co. was established.

Whether you, your family, or friends have lost a pet, or just want a special portrait of your newly adopted or long time friend, we can say with confidence, these custom pieces mean the world.

When you have the Right Companion, you want the Right Commemoration, which is why we are the Right Company for you.

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