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Circle Ornaments



  • Please refer to Style Guide in gallery to the left
  • Sizes available: 4″ and 6″
  • Portrait type available: Headshot
  • 6″ options only: Double-Sided, 2 Pets, 3 Pets
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Product Properties

Formal Framed Properties

Real hardwood plywood
5.0mm Underlayment
High quality
Ultimate hardness and strength
Surface finished with acrylic paint and/or stain
Interior hardwood, with minimal affect by natural occurrences such as humidity and temperature changes Sized for easy handling and storage
Handmade, original artwork

Right Co.’s personalized 3D wooden pet portrait Circle Ornaments are a thoughtful and creative way to portray your pet’s big personality.

Whether you have recently adopted or lost your pet (cat, dog, bird, lizard, turtle, bunny, hedgehog, etc.), or want a just-because gift for yourself or others, our personalized 3D wooden pet portrait Circle Ornaments will not disappoint. Your custom pet portrait will stand out among the rest from the wood medium alone.

Right Co. strives to make your custom wooden pet art as true to the photo(s) you provide, of course, with a slight creative twist.

Wondering how our custom 3D wooden pet portraits work? It’s easier than 1-2-3. YOU provide your pet photo(s) and preference(s) above, WE receive your inquiry and hand-cut, paint, and ship you your personalized wooden pet portrait Circle Ornaments.

Right Co.’s personalized 3D wooden pet portraits are original artworks. No two are the same, just like your favorite companion!


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